about me




about me
I was born in Sheffield, England and moved to London at eighteen to study Art. I lived and worked there for six years as a student and art teacher.
In 1980 after travelling the world I found myself in Eindhoven, Holland.

about my work
Part of my time is spend working as an illustrator/visualizer but most of the time I work on large scale decorative work, such as murals. This suits me fine because I enjoy the change of scale.
My illustration work consists of artist impressions, visuals for presentations and more detailled architectural renderings and interior visuals. My strong eye for perspective drawing is usefull in both my artwork and my illustrations.
My artwork started out with stage decors and developed more and more into the designing and creating of murals. I find this very challenging because every situation is unique and so is the final result.
A mural is a handpainted piece of art, the brush strokes are my signature.

about my clients
My illustrations and visuals are mainly for business to business. Some of my customers are : Vekoma, Endemol, Efteling, Philips, Kooymans Dsign, Checker, Grolsch, HV Productions, UC Belgie, Nobody bvba, Theater Tuig, Geens-Flechelle, Toverland…